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Residence / Artist Studio

New Construction
New Bern, North Carolina

• 5,832 sf
• 3 floors

Located within the New Bern’s Historic District at the edge of the commercial core, this unique structure speaks to the history of East Front Street by emulating the large brick building that once occupied this site. Almost all of the old brick buildings on this street have been demolished in the past except for the Sparrow Building located across the street from the residence.

Starting with the premise that buildings should be of their time, this modern residence incorporates a pottery studio, a painting studio and a residence with deep porches and magnificent views of the Neuse River.

The building is located within the flood plain and it became a design challenge to incorporate a first floor that is largely unheated space into the overall concept. The conclusion was to design a grand staircase that turns the exterior brick façade inward to protect against any unwelcome flood waters. This space also becomes a display area for the owner’s projects as well as superb light well, which brings north light into the studio spaces.

The middle floor houses the painting studio, with deep porches overlooking East Front Street and the river. The owner’s residence is located on the top floor and is a gallery of the owner’s vast collection of personal and acquired art and art objects. An island fireplace divides the dining area from the main living area and a guest room incorporates a murphy bed for occasional use.