MCAS Cherry Point - Base Theater 

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New Construction

This multi-purpose auditorium was originally constructed in the mid 1940s and currently hosts a range of activities including orchestral and stage performances, large briefings, and box office film presentations. The 2000 seat facility is the largest in North Carolina east of Raleigh.

The client’s goal was to upgrade the theater and provide a world-class facility attractive to community based activities. This design preserves the redeeming qualities of the original interior and overlays a modern enhancement, drawing imagery of flight from this Air Station.

In the 19,000 SF seating area the space was acoustically corrected through the careful selection and placement of new finishes. This included removing the absorptive tile ceiling and installing several free-floating acoustically reflective panels. These panels also serve as the primary light source, reflecting and diffusing light from wall-mounted fixtures. Other enhancements to the auditorium include a state of the art sound system, redesigned heating ventilation and air conditioning, a secure sound mixing room, and two “cry rooms” for infants and their parents.

The 7,000 SF lobby improvements include new finishes, ADA compliant restrooms, a snack bar that serves the concourse outside as well as the lobby and a 60’ skylight to open up this expansive space.  Outdoors, the +/- 13,000 SF concourse and entrances were completely renovated to compensate for structural failures and to enhance the theater’s entry and outdoor functions.