Fuel Warehouse click to see more 

NC AIA Merit Award Winner 2003

Kinston, North Carolina
• 3,254 sf 

This project began as a challenge from Mallard Oil to produce a new design for their emerging chain of combination fuel station, convenience stores.  They wanted a fresh approach that was "outside the box" from standard gas stations.

MBF Architects devised the innovative idea of using Quonset hut curved roof panels for the gas station canopy. Quonset huts were developed by the military in the 1940's as an easily assembled, lightweight, portable structure.

The Quonset hut panels used on the Fuel Warehouse create a sweeping curved roof covering the entire station. The effect is a dramatic view seen from the highway. The façade is a mix of transparent glass, a polycarbonate material (similar to greenhouse panels), corrugated metal, and polished concrete block. The Fuel Warehouse name wraps around the exterior of the convenience store and is lit vividly at night. The convenience store provides cafe seating in a mezzanine with internet access for travelers.