Galley Stores Market & Marina

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 New Bern, North Carolina

• 5,623 SF
• 2 floors

New Construction

Located on the corner of East Front Street and Pollock Street in New Bern’s Historic District, this project provides the only food market and gas station in the downtown commercial district.  MBFA was able to minimize any potential negative impact a gas station might have by carefully designing the building to complement the Persimmon's Restaurant, which is located directly behind the store, and to blend in with the Historic District as a whole.  .

The store provides essential services to boats including a fuel dock for boats, gourmet food and beverages, and toilet rooms with showers. An upper level “tower” accommodates the dockmaster’s office, which boasts a commanding view of the marina and related waterfront activities. Space was also created the along the water side of the store for rocking chairs where boaters can rest up before adventures on the Neuse and Trent Rivers.

Visit the Galley Store web site here.