Garber United Methodist Church Ministry Center


New Bern, North Carolina click to see more
• 38,147 sf

New Construction

This project required an extensive Master Planning and Programming phase that became a key step in the success of this complex community project. Estreme examination of existing versus needed space led to a facility program which documented the information consensus and displayed the strategies to be implemented in forward progress.

The fellowship hall is located in a well established residential neighborhood. Measurable care was taken to design a building compatible with the residential scale of the area. Working closely with the town of Trent Woods helped assure a harmonious relationship within the neighborhood.

The challenge of placing such a large scaled building in this residential context was achieved by: utilizing appropriate materials for color and texture, masking an extensive parking lot from public view, strategically berming various areas of the site to reduce the apparent height of the building.

The fellowship hall includes:
• Stage with theatrical lighting
• Sports lines & removable goals for Basketball and Volley Ball
• Commercial kitchen • Separate youth area
• Classrooms
• Toilet Rooms / Elevator / Mech
• Meal seating for 450
• Service seating for 750

The classroom and office building includes:
• Classrooms
• Senior / Ministry
• Pastor / Personnel offices
• Toilet Rooms / Elevator / Mech• Choir Room