Life Skills Building

New Construction
MCB Camp Lejeune

This project consists of a new single story 3,478 SF facility designed to accommodate continuing educational functions, and some of the administrative offices which provide them. It will be located at MCAS New River at the corner of Curtis Road and White Street, a currently vacant parcel across White Street from the base Childcare Center, and shall include a new on-site parking area for (40) cars.

The building program includes (2) classrooms for 25-30 persons at approximately 650 SF each, a kitchen area designed for classroom training in small groups, and a public computer room for the use of base residents. The offices for Navy Relief and MCFTB will be located within the building as well, including interview rooms and office space for volunteer workers.

As a new facility, it will be fully accessible and all areas of plumbing, mechanical and electrical engineering design will be performed to conform to military requirements, including force protection measures dictating minimum building placement distances from public rights of way and parking.